USA Manufacturers of High Quality, Affordable, Audio & Video Equipment
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USA Manufacturers of High Quality, Affordable, Audio & Video Equipment
USA Manufacturers of High Quality, Affordable, Audio & Video Equipment

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Sound Excellence

3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd. #210

Portland OR 97232


We are a small, privately held LLC that manufactures and designs audio and video equipment in the USA.

(Most electronic components that go into our products are no longer made in USA, so we use top brand foreign made components.) We focus on making high quality, reliable and affordable products.

Return Policy

Satisfaction guaranteed. You may return any product within 30 days from receipt of the product. You pay the shipping. We will credit your card promptly.

In the unlikely event of a defective product, we may also pay shipping.






Privacy Policy:

If you order by shopping cart, we never see you credit card information.


Any information we collect will be kept private and only used as necessary in our business. We DO NOT sell, rent or give customer information to third parties.



Sales Tax

Oregon is a non sales tax state. We do not collect sales tax on any orders.

Other Products that people ask about:



The Vidicraft Procamp was composite video only and can be found on ebay occasionally. The pots on these units tend to freeze up if left unused for a few years. This is caused by the grease (that gives the pots a smooth feeling) getting stiff and can be cured by rotating them a few (or many times) they can be very stiff, so apply as much pressure (by hand) as needed to get them to turn. If they are noisy use tuner cleaner. Most of the parts were from Digikey & Mouser and are still available. Service information is here



The Sign Video procamp processed both composite and S-Video. It was discontinued due to lack of interest in analog video. They can occasionally be found on ebay. Above comments about parts & pots may apply here too.